Dropping off ballots at the ballot box in Clackamas Oregon
Dropping off ballots in Oregon
Sticker in snow reads "'Naligaaniktuna!' I voted!" in Inupiaq
Voting sticker in Inupiaq (Utqiagvik, AK)

Providing services in Election Law to protect democracy

Candidates, Ballots, PAC’s, Tribes

The right to vote and the right to fair elections are important to the furtherance of democracy. Throughout my career, I have participated in various capacities on various campaigns. This includes statewide ballot measures in Oregon and California. It also includes campaigns for candidates in state and local races. I have done everything from knocking on doors to raising funds to serving as Treasurer.

Further, I was the lead attorney on election issues at the North Slope Borough. I advised the Clerk’s office on navigating state and local law. I also assisted the Borough in redistricting its legislative body.

I offer a number of different services for candidates for political office.  I can provide services to non-profits seeking to propose ballot measures, defend ballot measures or challenge ballot measures. I also work with municipalities, Tribes and Tribal organizations who are special counsel on specific election issues.

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Would you like to make changes via the ballot box, but don’t know where to start?

My Election law services include:

Review federal and state constitutions and statutes, and local ordinances to address issues in election law

Advise organizations, candidates, campaigns, and public officials on issues related to federal, state and local campaign laws and rules

Assist municipalities with redistricting efforts and assist the public’s participation

Ballot measures – drafting language for proposals, and raising or defending legal challenges to ballot measures as needed

Provide advice on fundraising, campaign finance, ethics rules and requirements

Advise Tribes and tribal organizations on elections under Tribal Constitutions, Bylaws and other requirements

Billboard for Oregon's lottery
Lottery funding for State Parks and other projects was renewed via Oregon’s Measure 76