Painted Hills, OR
Painted Hills, OR
Whale bones in Point Hope, AL
Tikigaq, Native Village of Point Hope, AK

Addressing complex legal issues in Indian Law

Providing legal counsel

I have experience in many aspects of Federal Indian Law. This includes understanding how and when state law may affect Tribe’s and Tribal interests, and applying and drafting Tribal law. My experience includes working with American Indian and Alaska Native Tribes and Tribal organizations. I also have experience and understanding of ANCSA and Alaska Native Corporations.

For example, I lived in Utqiaġvik, Alaska, for nearly four years working for the North Slope Borough. While I worked for a municipality, I helped address a wide range of issues impacting the people in the communities across the region, including advocating for the subsistence rights of Alaska Native people, supporting demands for government-to-government consultation, and advocating for self-determination.

At Hobbs Straus Dean & Walker, I provided legal counsel to Tribes and Tribal organizations with on a wide range of topics affecting Indian Country – from health care and the opioid crisis to elections and Tribal Constitutions. Further, my experience in environmental law includes working on issues related to natural resources and cultural heritage.

I offer a number of different legal services, including working as outside general counsel, special counsel, litigation and project-specific advising.

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I offer a wide range of legal services in Indian Law, including:

Tribal Sovereignty, Self-determination and Self-governance

Treaty Rights and other Tribal rights

Natural and cultural resources

Defending subsistence rights

Analyzing Tribal Constitutions and drafting Tribal laws

The Indian Self-Determination and Education Assistance Act

Dispute Resolution

Contract Review

Statutory and regulatory compliance, including HIPAA and Environmental statutes

Addressing issues unique to Alaska Native people, Tribes, Tribal Organizations and Alaska Native Corporations