Experience in Non-Profit Law to Assist Your Organization

From Start-up, through Operations, and Dissolution

Non-profit organizations are the backbone of the community, providing a wide range of necessary services and fulfilling different roles. Yet they may face with a wide range of unique legal issues, based on the organization’s size, mission and goals. I offer a number of different services for non-profit organizations to help navigate any legal challenges that arise throughout the life cycle of the organization.

At start-up, I can assist with entity selection, drafting legal documents, and obtaining tax-exempt statues (i.e. 501(c)(3) or 501(c)(4) status, depending on the organization). As the organiation continues operations, I can provide training for the Board of Directors, assist with compliance, develop policies and procedures, and provide specific legal research on a unique topic that needs to be addressed. In the event the organization decides to cease operations, I can also assist with dissolution.


Legal services to best meet your non-profit organization’s needs, including:

Start-up: Entity Selection, drafting bylaws, filing Articles of Incorporation, fiscal sponsorships

Legal Research and counseling on specific issues

Governance – Helping the members of the Board of Directors to understand roles, duties and responsibilities

Obtaining tax-exempt status and assisting with best practices to maintain it

Compliance, operations, contract review